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Maaike Charron - CUP: Clay & Unlimited Possibility

“MBO’s Self-Employment Assistance 10-week development program proved to be a very intentional and productive approach to launching my business. The process forced me to sit down and really focus exclusively on planning my business. The training sessions were very informative, and the sessions on branding, marketing, and networking in particular helped inform my business plan.”

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Esty Vardy - Pawsology

“Support enables us to purchase two of our much needed dogs, and ultimately be able to provide the services and tools to the people in St. John’s who need them. Working with MBO and Bernadette was great. She was very helpful, and always made us feel like she had our backs and believed in what we are doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

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Emily Bland - SucSeed

“Their staff is always supportive and there to help. Their CAS Funding provided great value to SucSeed and allowed up to work with an incredible consultant! Their Development Officers always offer great advice on business operations. I have learned a great deal from their business information sessions and have used this knowledge to improve various aspects of my business.”

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