Consultant Advisory Services

Consultant Advisory Services provides affordable access to consulting services for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. The program helps cover the fees associated with hiring a professional consultant to address specific challenges, deficiencies and opportunities for the business or organization.

  • Covers Up to 75% of Professional Fees and Costs

  • Maximum of $5000 Available in Financial Assistance

  • Easily Adapted to Client Needs; Quick Turn Around Time

  • Available to Small Businesses & Nonprofits in St. John's & Mount Pearl

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Eligible Activities

Diagnostic Assessment: This assessment can focus on a specific area of the client's operation, or on their operation overall. The consultant will analyze the client's current performance, understand their key issues, and identify any future prospects. The consultant's final report should recommend measures to stimulate growth

Business Management Skills Development: This assessment can focus on management practices or skills within the client's business. The consultant will analyze key areas of the business and identify any opportunities to enhance performance. The consultant's final report should recommend key skills development opportunities to stimulate growth within the business. 

Trade Assessment: This assessment can focus on a variety of areas dealing with trade, including: export readiness, new potential markets, marketing strategy, distribution strategy, and new product development. The consultant will analyze the specified area of the client's business and provide feedback, which can include: assessment of readiness, areas requiring enhancement, future requirements, strategy development, plan implementation, and concept modification. The consultant's final report should provide measures to facilitate new trade, or new trade strategies to implement

Competitiveness Assessment: This assessment will analyze the capabilities of the client's business or organization, and identify ways to improve competitiveness: skills training, improvements in productivity, development of new products or services, increased operational efficiency, new innovation, and acquisition of new technology. The consultant's final report should include recommendations to stimulate optimum competitiveness

Access to Capital: The consultant will analyze the client's best options for accessing capital, and help them address any roadblocks in their way, such as: development of a business plan or capital criteria adherence. The consultant's final report should make recommendations for potential sources of capital.

Application Tips

  • The request for Consultant Advisory Services must be initiated by the client, not the consultant;

  • The consultant's proposal should be developed with direct input from the client;

  • Keep the scope of work within the program's budget of $6667 (with maximum of $5000 (75%) covered) ยท Please note: HST is not included in these amounts and is not reimbursed by this program;

  • Ensure that the proposal is focused on a specific challenge, deficiency, or opportunity for the client;

  • The outcome of Consultant Advisory Services should be an action plan that the client can follow.

Application Process

We recommend that interested businesses and not-for-profit organizations begin their Consultant Advisory Services application by meeting with a Metro Business Opportunities staff member to discuss eligibility criteria and ineligible activities. The program application can be supplied by MBO staff, or can be downloaded online. 

Once the client identifies their specific needs, they seek a consultant to prepare a Consultant Proposal. This proposal is then submitted along with the program application to an MBO Client Services Officer, who then carefully assesses the submitted material.

If the proposal is deemed suitable, the consultant is approved to begin work. A contract is issued to the consultant, which must be signed and returned to MBO within 10 business days. Upon completion of the proposed work, the client submits copies of the consultant's final report, invoice, and client evaluation form. The MBO Client Services Officer then forwards to the consultant 75% of their fee (up to a maximum of $5000. Please note: Taxes are not reimbursable through this program). 


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Consultant Advisory Services
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