Social Enterprise Spotlight: SafetyNL

The not-for-profit SafetyNL has been providing safety services across the province for over 60 years, on a continuing quest to improve safety on our roadways, in our workplaces, and throughout our communities.

Their quest begins with the youngest members of our communities – children and youth. SafetyNL programming for this age range includes: Lids for Kids – Bicycle Helmet Safety, School Bus Safety Program, Students Against Drunk Driving, and P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth). By offering safety education to children and youth, they not only encourage safe practices and behaviours from a young age, but they also raise awareness amongst parents and caregivers.  

Other SafetyNL community programs include Operation Lifesaver, which raises awareness of safety around railroads, and Experienced Drivers Workshops, which offer road safety updates to seniors, often in a church, community group, or retirement home setting.


However, SafetyNL’s largest impact in the province has been by offering a wide array of safety training courses to the public, industry, and government. Public courses include various courses covering motor vehicle operation, with everything from beginner driver education, to defensive driving, to motorcycle training, and even off-road safety. For business and industry clients, SafetyNL offers Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate Defensive Driving, Forklift Operator Safety, WHIMIS, Traffic Control, Fall Protection, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and more. These certified training programs offer a consistent and high quality of instruction to workers throughout the province.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador also avails of SafetyNL's expert safety training, contracting them to offer mandatory training for penalized drivers. Their Responsible Drivers Program can help drivers who have had their license suspended due to point infractions, while their Points Reduction Program can help drivers regain points they have lost due to driving violations.


SafetyNL offers their training services at fair market prices, generating revenue to support their organization and its community programming. By engaging in Social Enterprise, SafetyNL has benefited from financial independence, the ability to hire core staff, increased fulfillment of their mandate, and valuable contributes to society.

Their not-for-profit Social Enterprise also helps them compete in a world of consumers that are increasingly socially aware. The public feels good about using SafetyNL’s services because they know course fees contribute directly to community safety programs. Meanwhile, industry sees contracting SafetyNL to deliver their workplace training as a check-mark for their Corporate Social Responsibility.  

In the future, SafetyNL hopes to continue their valuable community programming, as well as maintain their advocacy role, while also forming partnerships with other groups to achieve mutual goals. As for their safety training Social Enterprise, SafetyNL hopes to branch into digital classes and services, allowing them to reach a broader audience and provide programming in remote areas of the province.

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